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PharmaGABA is used mainly to enhance relaxation naturally. It is a dietary supplement. It is GABA’s one form which is synthesized by bacteria.

Even though GABA is like other amino acids it doesn’t work like them. It acts as a neurotransmitter. It works in brain mainly as an inhibitor. It has the property to control signals which cause excitatory effects in the brain. This is the reason it supports to enhance focus and to modulate mood in an individual. It also takes part in regulating breathing rates, good sleep patterns, and even heartbeat rhythms.

Supplements of gamma amino butyric acids have gained lot of popularity today. They are mainly used to improve mood, decrease anxiety and to yield great sleep patterns.

GABA is absorbed from the gut. But many reports and studies have stated that GABA supplements are unable to reach brain. This is because they cannot cross BBB that is blood brain barrier. So oral supplementation of GABA said to cause no effects.

With these debates and reports about GABA, people are now turning towards other different forms of GABA available today. One among them is pharmaGABA. This form of gamma amino butyric acid is able to cross blood brain barriers and can reach brain.

After entering into brain, this can increase the amount of GABA inside the brain. It can cause anxiolytic effect in brain resulting in the reduction of restlessness and feelings of stress in an individual. This has the ability to enhance alpha brain waves and reduce beta brain waves. This can yield a calming effect in an individual.

How it works:

Low GABA levels in the brain can result in depression, insomnia, epilepsy, and anxiety disorders. In these conditions many people rely on drugs like Valium, which are pharmaceutical agents meant to increase gamma amino butyric acid levels. But these agents come with lot of side effects. So now people are searching for agents or supplements which can cause least side effects and yield the desired results.

So, medical professionals are suggesting GABA as an alternative to the patients who want to enhance their mood. Advantage of GABA supplements is that it is usually tolerated by majority of the people without causing any mild and severe side effects.

GABA to work effectively, it should cross the BBB or blood brain barrier and reach brain. Then it should bind with GABA receptors. These receptors are present on neurons inside the central nervous system. This is the main difficulty which GABA supplements taken orally face because nervous system will not accept these easily. BBB is meant to block toxins present in the blood stream to enter brain. It blocks GABA supplements as well.


There is a barrier present between blood circulation and brain. This is called as BBB or blood brain barrier. This is said to be very selective separator. Its work is to protect neuron’s health. So it becomes very selective in allowing the compounds inside blood stream to cross over it to reach brain.

So when an individual intakes GABA supplements orally, in majority of the cases this barrier will not allow it to cross over and reach brain.

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