Oxandrolone: The Best Steroid for Gaining Muscular Mass and Reducing Body Fat

Published On November 25, 2016 | By Bryan Lane | Health

In case, you are looking to regain your muscular mass or want to reduce excess body fat, then your search ends at Oxandrolone. It is basically the tablet form of popular steroid Anavar. This steroid is a quite useful in reducing body fat in females and in increasing muscular mass in males.

Oxandrolone is a form of testosterone DHT, which is known for enhancing muscular mass. These tablets firstly became available in 1960 and helped patients to gain muscle mass, to boost immunity and to relieve bone pain.

Particularly in the bodybuilding industry, it s called as “Var” which means a product having numerous benefits. Besides this, it comes under the category of 17 alpha alkylated oral steroids, a category under which only effective steroids are placed.

How it Works?

Oxandrolone is available orally, which means it passes through liver without altering its molecular form. This means that Oxandrolone gets into the blood flow and is then transported to cells intact. On the other hand, most of the other steroids change their form after passing the liver, but Oxandrolone doesn’t.

It mildly interacts with user’s body and assists in reducing excess body fat from the areas where it is actually hard to lose. Oxandrolone has less reaction with body and it doesn’t affect production of testosterone in any way.

Useful in Maintaining Cycles

Oxandrolone doesn’t lead to wide fluctuations in hormone levels of users and is quite useful in maintaining cutting cycles. When steroid cycle ends, patient’s body goes through a period when too much hormones are produced in the body.

During this cycle, Oxandrolone assists in enhancing the protein synthesis in the body thereby helping user to save muscle mass. Additionally, it is an easy way of reducing body fat without any effect on the muscle fat.

Effects of Oxandrolone

As such there are no side effects of Oxandrolone, however at times, it leads to hair loss in some men mostly those having the gene of male pattern baldness. Therefore, you should take it after consulting your health care practitioner.

Usually it’s said that men having issues of cardiac disease, hypertension, heart attacks, or strokes  should discuss with their physician beforehand.


You can buy Oxandrolone online at good prices. However, make sure that before buying on any website, you check the prices with at least three sellers, so that you get the best quality product at good prices.

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