Clenbuterol Use: Know the Side Effects First

Published On July 18, 2016 | By Bryan Lane | Health

Clenbuterol is famous to people who want to lose weight, build muscle mass and have increased energy and endurance. But there are many reports, issues and talks about the side effects of clen in both men and women. A lot of those who have used the product claimed they experienced quick results with little or zero side effects as they used it properly. Others think it comes with a number of side effects regardless of how it is used. If you want to use Clen for lose weight, check out FckFat’s Weight Loss Guide. Also, consider the side effects listed below before you decide to whether buy the product or not.

Short Term Side Effects of Clenbuterol

Originally, clen was made to treat respiratory disorders. It serves as a bronchodilator working the way Albuterol works. However, lately as its weight loss properties and ability to improve muscle condition are discovered, Clen has been used for such functions. Clenbuterol increases the blood flow and the metabolic rate of users. In turn, fat deposits or unwanted lipids are burned off. Athletes get the benefits from this drug as it gets rid of fat stored around the muscles as it acts upon hormones like noradrenaline, adrenaline and dopamine.


This is the reason Clen must be administered gradually and under a doctor`s supervision. Failing to follow this can result in side effects that can include sweating, palpitations, insomnia, anxiety, headaches, breathing difficulties, hypertension, increased heart rate, tremors, muscle cramps and nervousness. These short-term side effects will gradually disappear as users of clen stops using the substance.

Long-Term Side Effects

Many studies have been done to determine the effects of Clen on animals, particularly rodents. Scientists found that using clen for a long time can cause and increase the heart`s cardiac muscle tissue size. This can take place after Clen is used in big dosages or a lot of months or even years at a time. Such cause have been associated with increased collage production which can decrease the effectiveness of the heart to pump blood.

Moreover, Clen may also cause heart degeneration in rodents since it impacts the heart`s structure and dimensions. These can result in the aggravation of pre-existing heart conditions that may not be known before. Additionally, Clen is found to negatively impact the mechanical properties and bone buildup. This results in an increased bone fragility of which long-term effects is the risk of bone fracture caused by greater muscle mass and greater bone fragility.

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