5 reasons anyone in Subiaco can do yoga

Published On July 25, 2016 | By Bryan Lane | Health

It seems as if everyone these days is doing yoga. The news feeds on many Instagram and Facebook accounts feature countless photos of people doing various yoga poses. However, those who have yet to join in on the trend might be feeling left out. The good news is that learning to do yoga in Subiaco is easy. Yoga studios offer beginner level classes to ensure those new to the practice are able to learn the basics in a friendly, welcoming environment. Don’t believe it’s possible? These five reasons might change that mindset.

1.) All body types are welcome

While most photos posted and shared on social media are of toned men and women doing advanced poses, the reality is that yoga is something all people are able to do. In fact yoga is a great way for an inactive person to prepare the body and mind for more strenuous physical activities down the road. That’s because yoga is a low-impact activity that will challenge the body without putting too much pressure on it. This makes it perfect for people of all sizes.

2.) It’s easy to learn

Believe it or not, learning to do yoga is not as complex as one might think. While there are some difficult poses to learn, those first starting out will go over the basics. These poses are quick to pick up and don’t contort the body like a pretzel. Beginner yoga stances also focus a great deal on breathing, which is another important aspect of yoga. Unlike a team sport or other workouts which require a person to learn new rules or techniques on the fly, yoga is conducted in a classroom setting where everyone are students. This creates an arena where learning is just as important as the activity itself.

3.) Support is available

Finding the right yoga studio in Subiaco is important. It is good to pick one that not only offers beginner yoga classes, but also is welcoming of new people. Studios like Bodyescape Yoga do their best to provide new students with a support system that ensures they feel comfortable asking questions or seeking advice. This support is invaluable for those new to yoga because it makes them feel as if they are part of a bigger family and creates a passion for the activity.

Subiaco can do yoga

4.) Expensive equipment is not required

The only thing necessary for a yoga class is a mat, some comfortable clothes and a towel. Some studios will even provide newbies with a loaner mat, so they can see if they like it before investing in one. This means getting started is not only easy, but cheap as well.

5.) Five minutes is all that’s needed

Most people assume that in order to properly learn yoga, they need to be taking classes in a studio five-days a week. This is a myth, however. While it is good to make it to yoga class a few times a week, practicing yoga can also be done from the comfort of home. A quick, five-minute yoga routine before breakfast will allow the body to continue to adapt to yoga as well as providing several health benefits.

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